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招聘职位 Sales << 应聘此职位 >>
工作地点 济宁 发布时间 2015-12-05
招聘人数 10人 用人部门 外贸事业部 有效期限 90天天

Report to: Customer and Commercial Service Manager Department:Marketing Summary: You will work in a challenging and stimulated environment with close interaction with our sales engineers and customers.

 Responsibilities: To work closely with the area sales team and support them to achieve sales objectives and improve the sales efficiency and customer satisfaction.

•Give direct customer support for all commercial matters such as order, delivery and product enquiries.

•Take part in improvement projects to increase our own efficiency

•To prepare and follow-up customer quotations to all our customers

•To confirm, verify, enter and follow up customer orders in our order systems

•Support distributors in the order process

•To do filing for all customers' contracts and other related documents

•To proactively follow up status of orders e.g. delivery status.

•Handle Returns from Customers

•Support sales team regarding Credit Control and Payment Follow-up


•Able to speak and write in good English

•Good knowledge of computers

•University Degree, advantage with technical and/or business major

•Service minded and customer focused

•Social skills, ability to work in team